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Proposed Performance Management System for a Furniture Retail Company

PT XYZ, as one of the international modern furniture retailers in Indonesia should implement various strategies in order to survive in the middle of highly competitive market by maintaining its corporate performance in retail furniture industry. PT XYZ which currently on big expansion process should have their own store performance management system to increase not only their financial performance but also non-financial performance.. The objective that will be answered at the end of the research is what indicators and variables should be measured and the expected targets for PT XYZ to improve its performance. The framework used is the Knowledge-Based Performance Management System. This study uses qualitative data from interviews and discussions with management to then be processed using the Analytical Hierarchy Process method into quantitative data in the form of variable weights. The result of this research is that PT XYZ has a new PMS with 10 variables on organizational output perspective, 13 variables on internal process perspective, and 7 variables on resource capability perspective. Keywords - Performance Management System, Furniture Retail Industry.