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Non-Conformist and Enterprising Features in EFURU

This paper analyzesnon- conformist and enterprising features in Flora Nwapa’sEfuru. In her novel, the Igbo woman’s condition is highly emphasized. What matters in this analysis is the qualities or attitude Nwapa attributes to her characters as non- conformist and enterprising ones. In this respect, psychological and sociological approaches sound suitable to achieve this analysis. As results, Flora Nwapa attributes non -conformist and enterprising features first to Efuru then to Adizua including his mother and, to other girls. They have gone beyond the Igbo patriarchal system.Efuru, the main character decides to go to Adizua’s house as a wife without any given dowry and her father’s permission. Then, she is welcomed by Adizua and his mother. However, other girls disobey their mothers’ warnings not to go to pick up the ‘Udara tree’ fruits. It also results that, Efuru is attributed enterprising qualities in planning for the dowry and its adjustment in trading. Finally, Efuru is economically enterprising and independent. Keywords - Non -Conformist, Enterprising, Woman, Beyond, Patriarchal System.