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The Influence of Value Creation on Competitive Strategy and Its Implication on Company Performance of Sharia Banking in Indonesia

The increase of sharia bank indicates an inadequacy of the business environment, value creation, ownership of company assets, and company capabilities analysis. However, an appropriate competitive strategy to improve the performance of sharia bank is yet to be developed. In respond,this study aims to obtain empirical evidence and to studythe value creation, competitive strategies, and performance of Sharia bank. In addition,this study also analyzes the influence of value creation on competitive strategy and its implications on the performance of sharia banks.This studyemployed the Mix Method Research (MMR) andexplanatory design strategy. The unit of analysis in this study is sharia banking in Indonesia. Across-sectional study approach was used and the data was collectedusinga census. Verification analysis wasadopted to measure quantitative data and the hypotheses were tested using partial least square (PLS). It was found that value creation positively influences competitive strategy and the performance of sharia bank in Indonesia. It was also found that the competitive strategy development is dominantly built on value creation whereit provides the highest contribution in developing a competitive strategy that could improvesharia banks’ performance. Keywords - Value Creation, Competitive Strategy, Company Performance.