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A Novel Framework for Travel Review Analysis and Its Applications

Sentiment and topic analysis of traveleronline reviews is becoming more essential in the tourism industry. Tourism research and application need accurately recording tourists' opinions about various features of picturesque places, as well as the overall polarity of their online reviews. One of the main applications of it is extracting real-timeinsights from online reviews and providing it to Governmental agencies which are responsible for the development oftourism sector. Later this knowledge they will use to make appropriate policy changes or interventions in places where tourists express disappointment or anger. However, current document topic and sentiment analysis approachesperform poorly because they either ignore the document's themes or fail to recognize that not all words contribute equally to the text's meaning. Therefore, in this work we presented a novel approach for text classification which is based on fine-tuning transformer based architecture on own labeled training data. Keywords - User Generated Content, Data-Driven Decision Making, Text Classification ,Sentiment Analysis, Bert