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The Impact of Music on Science Test Performance in Primary School

The effectiveness of music has a positive side in the human life. Study on the impact of music has a lot of discussion and long history especially during exam and stress times, the problem is using music not returned good effective during the exam because they used different music. In this paper we use two types of music slow and fast for different groups at primary schools, we propose three groups of students that are, control group they tested without music, fat group they tested with fast music, and slow group they tested with slow music. The result shoed that the control group returned bad result, but the music groups retuned the good result because music helps the students to recall information during the exam and decrease the stress, moreover the slow music has more effective compared with fast music and decrease the stress on the students and recall the information correctly. The result of this paper helps the students play music during study at home and exam time. Keywords - Music, Cognitive Performance, Motivation, Test Anxiety