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Energy Consumption an Issue for Sustainable Housing

During the last years in Algeria, the residential sector offer to the citizens large achievements represented in collective housing, social and promotional ... etc.. In order to eliminate the problems of housing and to lodge the maximum of the families in less time, unfortunately these residences were not controlled or subjected to a minimum regulatory requirements either on thermal, acoustic, or visual comfort, and the energy dimension of dimension of the housings is not always considered as significant, resulting from the energy consumption in a way that is not rational throughout the year. Energy has great importance in the building sector, life is hardly devoid of energy consumption in various types, these energies must be consumed in an orderly and rational way to avoid these damages and to preserve the environment and encourage the use of renewable energy for sustainable development. This research concerns the study of the energy consumption at the level of collective housing of 500 housing Fatma El Zohra located in the city of Tebessa in the East of Algeria. The strategy adopted is to model the housing in our study area to assess the energy of study to evaluate the consumption of energy using computer tools. We used Autodesk Revit 2016 software to model the building sample then we exported it to the simulation program AUTODESK ECOTECT 2011 with the adoption of climatic data of the city of Tebessa to recognize the impact: orientation, building materials, solar protections, and insulation on energy consumption of housing. All the proposed solutions have led to the reduction of energy consumption we have obtained the maximum savings in energy consumption by using optimal solutions such as orientation, double glazing, solar protection, insulation, and building materials. Keywords - Collective Housing, Energy Consumption, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development.