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Assessment of Pedestrian Infrastructure and its Relationship with Travel Convenience in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

It has been proven that all forms of travel begins and ends on foot, emphasizing the importance of pedestrian travel. This paper examined the condition of pedestrian infrastructure, level of satisfaction with existing pedestrian infrastructure and the relationship between pedestrian infrastructure and pedestrian travel convenience in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. The study population, which also served as respondents were the pedestrians within the neighbourhood. Taro Yamane sample size formula was used to arrive at a sample size of 400, at 95% confidence level, while the purposive sampling technique was employed. Variables assessed include: signage, condition of walkways, walkway width, crosswalk, street lightening and speed limit facilities. Data revealed that pedestrian facilities in Ikoyi were in bad shape, pedestrians’ level of satisfaction with pedestrian facilities had a low rating and a relationship was established between pedestrian infrastructure and travel convenience, with an R2 value of 0.283, indicating pedestrian infrastructure is 28.3 percent responsible for pedestrian travel convenience. It was recommended pedestrian infrastructure be accorded commensurate attention being given to carriage ways. Keywords - Pedestrian, Infrastructure, Condition, Satisfaction & Relationship