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Preliminary Data on the Feasibility of Microwave Ablation Therapy for Treatment of Segmental Micro calcifications in Breast Tissue Using a Dual Array of Coaxial Double Slot Antenna

This preliminary study aims to assess the possibility of applying a dual array of double slot micro coaxial antenna computational microwave thermal ablation model for the treatment of malignant segmental microcalcifications present in breast tissue.This is a type of minimally invasive procedure that intents to reduce the cosmetic and physiological side effects of treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hence the FEM (Finite Element Method) is used for the analysis of the electromagnetic waves and bioheat transfer physics involved in the ablation therapy.Deriving the parameters of importance such as S11(-8.4263 dB), VSWR (2.2208 dB)andan Average Calcification Temperature of 68.18 °Cyielding a formidable ablation zone and a S11 parameter close tothe desired-10 dB. Keywords - Power Loss, Finite Element Method,Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, Thermal Ablation, Micro -Coaxial Antenna, Microwave Ablation.