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The New Norm: Technology Adoption in Higher Education Post Covid 19

It is clear that even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the world was facing a digital paradigm shift, which requires the introduction of new innovative learning techniques and models to enhance the learning environment among students in a way that will better accomplish the learning outcomes desired for students and required by accreditation agencies. It is a fact that higher education (HE) providers cannot shy away from online teaching, learning and assessment anymore, however, challenges should be utilized and turned into opportunities that would help improve the educational system post COVID-19. It is worth noting that Mobile Internet E-service results in a revolution for the entire framework of communication technology. Capitalizing on this phenomenon, especially post COVID-19, the higher education Institutions are working on enhancing the learning environment and integrating the educational applications to be part of the education system. The main purpose of this exploratory research is to study the main factors affecting the adoption of mobile educational applications in the Egyptian higher education market, post COVID-19, from a faculty perspective. In particular, it will study the faculty perception towards the adoption of these technological applications and the new modes used in online teaching. In addition, it will focus on the faculty's readiness to adopt these new educational applications and hence give empirical recommendations to higher education decision makers in emerging markets. The exploratory findings presented in this paper are based on qualitative research that involved interviewing faculty members at one of the top ranked universities in Egypt as an example of an emerging market. Keywords - Innovation, Higher Education, COVID 19, Mobile Internet, Egypt.