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Influence of Design Parameters on the Parasitic Shift of Cross-spring Pivots

The deflection of flexible members provides at least partial mobility of compliant mechanisms. They are recognized by their high precision, lack of backlash and wear. The behavior of compliant rotational mechanisms known as cross-spring pivots, used for ultrahigh-precision positioning applications, is studied using numerical methods in this study. The findings of nonlinear finite element simulations are compared to experimental data previously published in the literature. Developed finite element model allows considering the influence non-symmetrical pivot configurations where the angle or point of intersection of the leaf springs can be varied. The developed finite element model allows the consideration of non-symmetrical pivot configurations with variable angle or point of intersection of the leaf springs. This enables evaluating the impact of the given design parameters on minimizing parasitic shifts of the pivot's geometric center. The results can be used to determine design solutions for ultrahigh-precision positioning applications. Keywords - Cross-Spring Pivot, FEA Modelling, Parasitic Shift.