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Hotel Recovery Post Pandemic: Is Rebranding Required

For a hotel business to survive during Covid 19 Pandemic requires to conduct a major adjustment in almost all aspects of operation.This major adjustment may impact the hotel brand that has been built over a long period of time. This qualitative study was conducted to assess whether this major adjustment affects the business brand. Data was gathered from respondents comprising of managers and decision makers of 5-to-3-star hotels in Bali that remained open during the pandemic, using qualitative online survey, in addition to interview as data collection method, and document study were also carried out to verify the findings. The results show that during the pandemic period of almost 2 years, in order to survive the hotels have made an adjustment in the operations, whilst,maintaining the same quality standard, andapplying meticulous CHSE protocol,as well as keeping the customers informed through their online promotion platforms regarding the hotel’s current condition being ready to host guests. The adjustment made includes reducing operation cost, shifting target market into domestic market to maintain cash flow to cover operation, adjusting the rate and prices to adapt with the weaker customer’s buying power, applying flexible booking and refund conditions, HR policy and planning rearrangement, reducing the quantity of the room being operated and items in the menu list in the F and B outlets. The hotel business resilient in surviving the pandemic was owned to the professionalism of the hoteliers,thus hotel rebranding is notrequired as the quality of the products offered is always the same with those offered before the pandemic;it would be simply sifting the target market back to pre-pandemic, as the hotels have maintained the product quality. This was madepossible due to theendearing efforts made by the owners, managers and the staff who have been working and striving to survive and keep the business to still afloat despite of the challenges faced, including the reduced amount of salary paid during the pandemic. Keywords - Hotel, Business recovery, Pandemic, Rebranding