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Behavioral Reasoning Perspectives on Organic Product Purchase in Bangkok, Thailand

Healthy lifestyles and concerns over new diseases have triggered a change in purchase and consumption behavior towards organic products in health-conscious individuals.Reasoning, reasons for and reasons against, is a major determinant of such behavior.Another vital factor that can determine such behavior is entrepreneurs’ strategies to support the reasoning. This study involves the consumer’s context in Thailand. Most studies in Thailand concentrate on the consumer’s reasons for; however, research on the consumer’s reasons for and reasons against with entrepreneurs’ marketing strategy development leading to the consumer’s intention to buy organic products has yet to be conducted. Therefore, this research objective is to analyze the consumer’s reasons and entrepreneurs’ marketing strategies for consumer needs that influence the consumer’s attitude towards intention to purchase organic products.This study focuses on behavioral reasoning with the behavioral reasoning theory (BRT) from 300 organic-products consumers.The study indicates that the consumer’s attitude and reasons for attribute to the intention to purchase organic products. Besides, attitude connects reasoning with purchasing. The information from this study benefits the planning of production and distribution of organic products for bothentrepreneurs and consumers, leading to further organic, agricultural development in Thailand.