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Science Fiction and The Exultation of Feminist Single-Sex Societies

Science fiction plays a vital role by extending the concept of gender to aliens, robots, cyborgs, and clones which have a fixed gender, no gender, or multiple genders. Gender has been portrayed in science fiction in such a way where women try to get a way out from the existing problems in society. In his famous book Decoding Gender in Science Fiction, Brian Atteberyaptly says that gender is not just a theme in science fiction but the ‘genre’s intellectual and aesthetic structure’ (Attebery 10).Thefocus on gender brings out positive transitional moments and counter-movements that never happened in most genre histories. Many authors challenged their society’s conventional norms in connection with gender through their portrayal of ‘heroic’ female characters in this genre. They often dismissed the representation of women characters as evil (villainess) or one who is helpless (damsel in distress) to an empowered woman. In speculative fiction, many female science fiction writers have also used single-sex societies or single-gender worlds to dismiss the idea of the existing patriarchal society. This imagined ‘female only world’ wipes out men and creates a highly advanced, women-dominated society that allows female parthenogenic reproduction. This paper attempts to critically assess the gender issues in science fiction writings regarding single-sex societies. Keywords - Science Fiction, Gender, Single Sex Societies, Parthenogenic Reproduction