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Determining the Characteristics Needed for a Universal Healthcare System in the United States

Attitudes of Americans toward government intervention in healthcare are changing. The Affordable Care Act survived Trump’s attempt to sabotage it. Some see the United States trending toward implementing universal healthcare. The intent of this paper is to determine what elements are best for a universal healthcare system in the United States. Various models and world rankings of other systems are examined to determine what would be best for the U.S. to meet the three elements of the World Health Organization’s definition of universal healthcare. Moving from a market-based, fragmented, patchwork of services to a more efficient and effective national, single payer system is essential. Embedding a right to healthcare in the U.S. Constitution would be ideal. Americans will have to accept that some Americans would be asked to pay for others’ care. Delivery of services can be achieved by using a mix of private sector and public organizations. What is optimum depends on factors like cost, history, and tolerance of government intervention. Keywords - Healthcare, Single Payer, Universal Healthcare, United States