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The Image of English and Scottish King from Netflix Original Medieval Films

This paper examines the image of the Medieval English and Scottish Kings from Netflix Original films. Netflix has released their original Medieval films “Outlaw King” and “The King” in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Outlaw King focuses on the rise of Robert the Bruce of Scotland who claimed the crown of Scotland and fought against King Edward II of England for the country’s independence while The King is about the headstrong Prince who became King Henry V of England and defeated the French army in the Battle of Agincourt. Both films justified the actions of the kings who started wars and created the concept of ideal Medieval Kings who must be reluctant to reign but, when necessary, were ready to take on the role. Wars were not what they crave but need to be done to protect their countries, honors, and people. The films also emphasized the image of an ideal monarch from the Middle Ages which requires courage and ready to stand up and fight for the common good. Keywords - Medieval kings; Medieval films; Netflix; Outlaw King; The King