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Influences of Team Conflict and Leader’s Informing Behavior on Turnover Intention: A Study of Team Mindfulness as Moderator

The main point of this study is to explore the relationship between team conflict, leader informing behavior, and turnover intention and examine whether team mindfulness has a regulating effect on these relationships. This research does not restrict the subjects' occupations, ages, etc. it uses an anonymous online questionnaire as a survey tool to conduct an empirical analysis of research questions for purposeful cross-sectional sampling. We sent out 405 questionnaires and received 339 completed and valid responses. The analysis method includes descriptive statistics analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis, hierarchical regression analysis, and hypotheses tests. The analysis results showed that team conflict positively correlates with turnover intention. Furthermore, there is a negative relationship between leader informing behavior and turnover intention. Team mindfulness will adjust the positive relationship between team conflict and turnover intention. Team mindfulness does not significantly modify the negative relationship between leader informing behavior and turnover intention. Finally, some suggestions are provided according to the finding and conclusion of this thesis. We make contributions by providing important references for practical and academic fields. Keywords - Team Conflict, Leader’s Informing Behaviors, Turnover Intentions, Team Mindfulness