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The Impact of Job Insecurity on Job Performance - Psychological Contract Violation as Mediator and Person-Supervisor Fit as Moderator

Nowadays it is common that employees face job insecurity under environmental changing. The study focuses on job performance which such insecurity leads to and how it works in the process. The study also surveyed to verify an adequate factor to see if negative effect from job insecurity can be diminished with it. As known, direct supervisor acts as the most influential role to employee, so the study tested moderating effect of person-supervisor fit on job insecurity - psychological contract violation relationship. Results of the empirical research reveals job insecurity truly brings negative impact on job performance, while psychological contract violation works as a mediator in the relationship between the antecedent and consequence factors. However, person-supervisor fit does not significantly help decrease the impact on psychological contract violation from job insecurity. That reminds us that much more internal and external factors should be considered, beside person-supervisor fit. Keywords - Job Insecurity, Psychological Contract Violation, Person Supervisor Fit, Job Performance