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Course Redesign to Integrate High Impact Practices: A Case Study in An Online Academic Program

The quality of course redesign is a key performance indicator for higher education institutions. The innovations in curriculum, instructional design, instructional delivery, and pedagogy should be student-centered so that the redesigned course will engage students and promote student learning. This research was intended to investigate the effectiveness of a revised capstone course in an online master’s program in healthcare administration. We examined the levels of student satisfaction with the course content, interaction with the instructors, and the overall experience in this redesigned capstone ePortfolio course. Multiple data sources were utilized to answer the research questions in the mixed methods study design. The results revealed that students rated high for the interactions between them and their instructors as well as how this revised capstone wrapped up as a whole. The challenges in implementation of ePortfolio and solutions to the challenges were discussed. Research limitations and future research were also presented. Keywords - High Impact Practices, Online Education, Healthcare Administration, ePortfolio.