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The Influence of a TBLT Writing Program on Nurturing Critical Thinking Skills In Jordanian EFL Learners

The crucial link between teaching Critical Thinking (CT) and writing instructions using the Task-Based Language Teaching approach (TBLT) has been well documented in second and foreign language contexts. However, in the Jordanian teaching context, challenges remained in implementing CT skills into a topic, which often needs considerable remodelling of a teacher’s plan of how to teach this concept in a given program such as English Foreign Language (EFL) writing. This study sought to explore the influence of a designed Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) writing program on enhancing overall higher CT skills in EFL Jordanian students. A quasi-experimental study involving 50 Jordanian EFL participants, and pre- and post-tests have been developed. The analysis of the results disclosed that the participants who received the TBLT writing program manifested significantly better achievement in their overall higher CT skills than their counterparts who continued studying with the existing syllabus.Finally, drawing from the encouraging findings derived from this experimental research, a number of conclusions were also presented. Keywords - Critical Thinking, Writing, EFL Students, TBLT, Higher CT skills