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Improving Quality of Services and Products by Implementing Practical Methods

The dramatic changes in global economy in the last two years and the rapid changes in consumption culture, needs rethinking about quality control and managing quality. In this environment, both small and large businesses are required to become more efficient and cope with a competitive global market where customers’ expectations continually increase. In this new reality, quality is critical for success and yet, many managers ignore this at their own peril. This paper will focus on the philosophy and methods for improving the quality of a product/service, which in turn leads to a good long-term reputation and improved profitability. This philosophy that leads to "Quality Chain Reaction" includes: a) customer-focused strategy and creation of quality culture; b) emphasizing on prevention process; c) constant improvement of work processes; d) establishment of employee involvement and commitment; e) management support and positive leadership. The practical methods of improving quality that presented in the study may contradict management culture in many organizations and there are those who will be critical of them, but they prove themselves in varied organizations. Keywords – Quality Management, Service Quality, Quality Costs, Quality Culture, Business Excellence