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Post-Conflict Reconstruction in a ĎFederalí Cyprus? The Role of Tourism

The belief that tourism can play an important rolein reconciliation and peace-building following a conflict is long-standing. Cyprus presents an interesting case for researching the relationship between conflict, tourism and peace. Following years of a turbulent history, which resulted in the de facto partition of the island, a momentum has been created by the reignited political interest to resolve the Cyprus conflict through a federalism solution. Tourism, being the islandís backbone to the economy, needs to be investigated in order to fully understand the reconciliation dimensions to which it can contribute. This study, using a social constructionist approach as well as secondary data, attempted to identify and explore the various facets of tourism in post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction. Findings propose that tourism may play a beneficial role in social, economic and political transformation if certain conditions are upheld. Tourismís economic and social role if reinforced but as the study highlights tourismís effect is moderated by the governance system in place.