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Bibliometric Study of the Combustion of RAC in the Capture of Carbon Dioxide

Bibliometric observational study. Location: Combustion of cutting waste with CO2 capture by manganese-based oxygen conveyors. To describe the combustion process of sugarcane RAC with CO2 capture by manganese-based oxygen transporters during the period 2015-2021, magazine, year of publication, first/last author, workplace and autonomous community were obtained in each register. Subsequently, the articles were classified according to their content or research area. The impact factor was obtained from the bibliometric analysis base of Scopus and Vos viewer. Through the search criteria used, 475 documents were recovered in the 2015-2021 semester, excluding 2637 because they did not correspond to affiliation to centers or institutions directly related to documents related to chemical combustion and CO2 capture. In total, 73 documents were selected, in which an increase and interest in the study of these processes was verified both in the research areas and in the journals in which they are published. Most of the studies have been published in universities or research centers and differences were observed in terms of the volume of international and national scientific production, so it is necessary to increase these investigations in the country of Colombia. Keywords - Chemical Looping CombustiĆ³n, Capture, Carbon Dioxide, Biomass, energy.About four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.