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Platform Business Models: Developing Learning Communities from Brand Purpose to Smartbrands

This research aims to examine the concept of learning content developed by organizations to provide a competitive and sustainable advantage while benefiting society. Insights for this study were gained through a questionnaire and a triangulation study that targeted marketing professionals, higher education faculty, and students. The SmartBrand research was conducted to determine whether the organizations’ service and product offerings could be extended to include knowledge products. Five themes were determined to be relevant when considering the approach and they are elaborated and discussed in the study. The results show that conscious organizations that have solid products can be purposeful, sustainable, and can be a source of knowledge to their stakeholders. SmartBrands utilize the digital space, leverage social media platforms and learning management systems, and all organizations have the potential to be Smart. Personal development is more critical than possessions characterized by consumerism, yet, the two can coexist for the positive evolution of humankind. Keywords - Brand Purpose, Conscious Consumerism, Sustainability, Social Networks, Knowledge Products