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‘The Impact of Self Construal on Willingness to Pay For Domestic Travel Package With Moderating Effect of Online Versus Offline Purchase

The continuous development in the tourism industry and the development of the technology industry that makes changes to consumer behavior illustrates the importance of the transition caused by technology that affects purchasing channels through offline and online. In addition, the existence of cultural differences that shape each person can show differences that can be seen from a person's intention to buy a product, specifically the domestic travel package. This research examines how self-construal (Interdependent and Independent) can affect a person's willingness to pay for a domestic travel package with the presence of online or offline purchases as a moderator. This research was conducted through an online survey which shows the results that interdependent people have a higher willingness to pay for domestic travel packages compared to independent people. However, the findings of this study disclose because the relationship between self-construal and online/offline purchase is not significant. Keywords - Self Construal, Willingness to Pay, Domestic Travel Package, Online Purchase