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Predicting Students’ Perspectives towards Online Education in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic using Rasch-half-point Thresholds

Due to the spread of coronavirus, many changes in students’ education have shifted from face-to-face to online education. Online education has created some problems for educators, students, and parents. The educational objectives will be affected by teachers’ skills, online education facilities, proper curriculum for online education, and some other factors. In this research, some effective factors have been examined from the students’ perspective towards online education. The data of this study includes 171 students from various government high schools and universities in Behshahr, Iran. The questionnaire consisted of 35 questions and the distribution of the questionnaire was online. After investigating fitting data with Rasch model, students’ agreement and items’ location were compared on a common scale called Wright map The study approach is to identify the intervals through the expected average value of the responses at each point regarding the rate of item agreement using Rasch-half-point threshold. The Results have shown some students believe that current concepts should be changed and their teachers need special knowledge, while they presume themselves no need to special train for online education. Results can be used for predicting the mean rating of students’ perspectives on a test or a sample. Keywords - Online Education, Covid-19 Pandemic, Rasch-half-point threshold, Rasch-Wright map, and predicting.