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Novel Method for Remote Learning and Its Role in Health Care System Management

Researchers, specialists, and clinical experts assume a fundamental part in forming the 21st-century science and innovation endeavours that will make solutions and occupations crucial to tackling the enormous, complex, and interdisciplinary issues faced by the community: issues in disease, sustainability, the climate, food, water, energy, and medical services. Also, it is noteworthy to note that The medical care area is the world's third-biggest industry and is dealing with numerous issues like long waiting times targeted at patients, negligible access to data, common medical errors and significant expenses of delivery. On the other hand, The Covid-19 pandemic has become the leading factor for training and clinical preparation across borders. Specifically, it has become practically tricky or even impossible to see and know modern clinical apparatus from different nations and notice the medical procedure to learn. Although, instructive strategies, including the "Metaverse", are likewise being presented in the field of medicine to fulfil the escalating need aimed at non-face-to-face education. The capacity of the metaverse as a new environment for education is recommended to be as follows: an area holding new social connections, an elevated level of freedom to make and share, and the processing and provision of new encounters and experiences. Also, according to the points mentioned, it can be utilized for different purposes, such as learning different surgeries without any damage to the patient's body while using various techniques. So that, in the lack of presence training, skilled persons can be obtained. Keywords - Modern method, Covid-19, Metaverse, New social connections, Education