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Digital Transformation through Business Model Innovation: An Exploratory Case Study in Jewelry Industry

The ongoing global Covid-19 epidemic has brought an incalculable impact on various industries. Digital transformation is urgent for the jewelry industry which dominated by traditional business models for a long time. At the same time, digital transformation through business model canvas of jewelry enterprises has both theoretical and practical significance.This study adopts an exploratory case study as well as time series analysis to analyzethe digital transformation strategies of benchmark enterprises in China's jewelry industry. Business model canvas isadopted as an analytical tool to explore business model innovation and nine elements are applied to explore how jewelry enterprises conduct digital transformation in such a competitive environment. Important milestoneevents in the selected enterprisesare analyzed as research samples, and different elements in the business model canvas exhibit different characteristics in each development stages of the jewelry enterprises. Finally, this study summarizes the business model innovation of the jewelry industry andconcludes strategies of digital transformation. In the theoretical contribution, this study further developed business model canvas as a tool in digital transformation. In addition, it provides an innovativeway to analyze digital transformation and business model innovation in jewelry industry. Keywords - Digital Transformation, Jewelry Industry, Business Model Canvas, Business Model Innovation