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Exploring EFL Graduate Students’ Skills in Research Writing

What, exactly, is research for in academic work for? Research begins with curiosity and continues to answer questions we find interesting. In general, research in the academic field can be interpreted as an investigation carried out carefully using specific scientific methods to improve learning quality. As for students, they research because they want to get the "right answers" about a particular academic problem they are investigating. With that effort in mind, research requires a scientific method because one cannot seek this truth solely by relying on intuition or previous experience. (Hendriarto, 2021).This qualitative proposal aims at understanding, exploring, and identifying the research skills complexities, development and gaps among EFL Saudi graduate students. Experience and many studies prove that success at the master's level is closely related to mastering academic research competencies. Typical graduate courses require research skills to complete tasks and reach academic achievement. To firstly commence our discussion and exploration of this issue, findings from previous studies are reviewed followed by texts analysis of 24 written research essays and articles produced by 8 graduate students throughout their study in a course titled as (Issues &Debates in EFL Education). The results we assume to obtain will report the challenges, gaps, and complexities that students go through and provide conceptual recommendations for the development of research skills for academic and educational needs, thus leading to meaningful input for the academic community as a whole Keywords - Research Skill, EFL, Academic, Thinking, Critical, Analysis, Coherence.