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Fatigue life Analysis of Magnetorheological Elastomers Under Combined Magnetic and Mechanical Loads

Fatigue life prediction is very crucial in materials that are repeatedly used in industry in terms of safety and reliability.In this paper, fatigue behavior of magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) is studied under combined magnetic and mechanical loading. MRE samples made from silicone RTV and carbonyl iron particles with various thicknesses and particles volume fraction are tested under cyclic compression loads coupled with magnetic field using a shear rheometer. Maximum energy density function is used to estimate fatigue life of MREs and its relationship to sample thickness, iron particle volume fraction, magnetic field, and compression load. The results showed that samples with more thickness and higher iron particle volume fraction had more dissipation energy, and applying magnetic field reduced the amount of dissipated energy for each sample. Results showed increase of fatigue life for samples under applied magnetic field which is related to strain energy density. Keywords - Magnetorheological Elastomers, Carbonyl Iron Particles, Magnetic and Mechanical Load, Fatigue.