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Spatial Distribution: Ornamental Fish Farming and Off-Farm Employment in Perak, Malaysia

Background: Developments in modern agriculture have led to doubts on the long-term viability of current productionsystems especially, during the coronavirus pandemic has widely affected the country’s economy, especially the agriculture sector. The sector have experienced disruptions to production because of lowered availability of labor and other inputs, and reductions in output prices resulting from declines in demand for commodities in certain market segments. Off-farm employment is referring to an important strategy for complementing farm household income and maintaining rural livelihoods, in order to improve the economy of the farmers registered with the fisheries biosecurity division. Objective: To map the 30 ornamental aquaculture farms in Perak using geographic information systems (GIS). Methods: Survey and GIS were used in the study to capture farm location effect on the farm operational activities especially in fisheries bio-security. Keywords - Ornamental Fish, Spatial Analysis, Fisheries Biosecurity, BioDOF-Map, Off-farm Employment