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A New Model Towards Interactions for Collaborative Learning and Engagement: A Mixed Method Quantitative and Qualitative on Students' Perception of Social Media use in Malaysian Higher Education

The use of social media for active collaborative learning and engagement to affect learning performance seems to be one of the Examined topics in Information Systems domain compared to other technology adoption. However, social media uses distraction from studies and affects study habits, thus, using social media results in academic difficulties. Research students seldom use social Media for educational purposes; also they do not use it interactively for collaborative learning and academic purposes. Previous Frameworks and models of social media use have many significant negative impacts on student engagement, collaborative learning And learning performance. Thus, this research aims to determine the interactive factors for active collaborative learning and Engagement as well as perceptual factors, and social media use for active collaborative learning and engagement to affect learning Performance. This study proposes a theoretical model based on the theory of constructivism and theory of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). A mixed method quantitative and qualitative will use to conduct a survey and interview of samples at five public universities in Malaysia. Data will analyse using AMOS, SPSS and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to investigate causal and mediating relationships between variables. Keywords - Education, Higher Education, Malaysia, Student, Social Media