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Augmented Reality Adoption: Users’ Expectations and Experiences

At present, the interest and adoption of emerging technologies is further increased such as Augmented Reality (AR) app has been recognized as a useful and interactive technology in the category of emerging technologies. The technology users have their previous experiences and ultimate expectations that can significantly influence the adoption of AR technology. Existing literature provides understanding that previous research did not address the usability factors following the AR user expectations and experiences that might drive users to adopt AR. Therefore, the researcher of this study has thrust to explore AR user behaviour; specifically, by focusing on the user experiences and expectations and the role these might play in the context of AR adoption rate. This study is focusing on how the usability of AR may be influenced by experience and expectation of AR users. To achieve this aim, multiple sources and qualitative methods have been used as it can give context specific and rich understanding that helps to improve the use of AR apps. Findings reveal that the visualisation function of the AR app appeared to develop affordance as the 3D images of the virtual products and the try-on function increased their ease during shopping. On the other hand, the loss of data and frequent crashing are some of the major hurdles that brought high volume of user requests, therefore the AR apps are unable to fulfil user goals. Such disheartening experiences rapidly decrease user motivation and the likelihood that users will choose to use that AR app in future. This study has discussed several theoretical and practical implications that can give future direction to AR developer regarding what usability feature can improve to improve the AR adoption rate. Keywords - AR, Users Experiences, Users Expectations, Usability Factors