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PI-NAI” The Miracle of Thai Woodwind Instrument

The objectives of the research, entitled the development of Thai Wind Instruments A Case Study of Pi-Nai, are: to study the development and compliment of Pi-Nai and to study playing techniques and song of Pi-Nai.This qualitative research has been collected data through in-dept interview 7 Pi masters and content analysis. The research results are as followed: 1)Pi hasbeen a prominent Thai musical instrumentsinceSukothai periodand continuously developed. Pi has played an important role in PipatEnsemble and accompanied Khon (the mask dramatically performance) as well as the court dramatic play. The lower sound is calledPi-Nai and the higher sound called Pi-Nok. 2) The instrument is the combination of two important parts which is the body usually made by hard wood or ivory. The pipe sharp can produce 22 pitches which controlled by six tingle holes. The mouthpiece contains of the double reeds is the one that produces blowing of the circular breathing which made continuously sustainable sound. 3) Pi is the instrument that played an important role in the Hard Mallet Pipat Ensemble which significantly performs in the ceremonial and ritual events as well as accompanying dramatic dance drama. Keywords— “Pi-Nai” The MiracleThai Woodwind Instrument.