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Measuring Public Perception about Tranquility of Urban Park: A Survey on Park Use in Dhaka City

In urban contexts, the quality of a park can have a psychological and physical impact on its users. People are used to go to parks for comfort, relaxation, and recreation. Parks are typically thought to give tranquility due to the presence of natural elements such as greenery, trees, water bodies, birds etc. Such tranquil landscapes and soundscapes are expected, potentially well suited to the needs of citizens of metropolitan areas as the stress of everyday city life. In the scenario of Dhaka City, Bangladesh, a densely populated urban area in the world with less urban parks than it requires. The little amount that still alive in the city is also in a very deprived condition which affected their tranquil quality. Therefore, preserving and improving the tranquil quality of park is one of the most important issues for city planners. Ramna Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh has been selected for this study. Visitor’s viewpoint about the park’s tranquility -on the perception of the sonic environment was investigated in this study through questionnaire survey. Study has confirmed that the soundscape approach can provide information useful for planning effective strategies aimed at preserving and improving the quality of urban parks. Since they are even more exposed to pollution and surrounded by extending urban areas, preserving, and hopefully improving, their essential health-promoting function is a challenge but also a need. Keywords - Urban, Park, Tranquility, Soundscape