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Vaccinating The Vulnerable: Strengthening The Labour Law With Tremendous Intensification in United Arab Emirates

Indian migration is a known traditional phenomenon for decades. This study covers the Indian Diaspora, toiling in different employment sector of United Arab Emirates. The emphasis of the study is the approach of tremendous and appreciable interest shown by the Ministry of Labor, UAE, exclusively for the protection of workers right in last decades. The study has extended to analyse the input provided by the labor authorities in United Arab Emirates in the Pandemic phase, which incomparably and unconditionally proven this nation as a guardian to the migrants over foreign land. Not only other nations of Gulf Cooperation Council, but some western countries have intimated the labor policies of this nation. The nation, for long diligently practising to strengthen the structure of labor law against oppression of workforce, mainly contributing the migrants from poor nations like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines. The coherence of intention towards protection of worker right and its outcome is the basis of this study. This is an ethnographic study, where the researcher has spent more than a decade in different nation of Gulf Cooperation Council, living in close relation with the migrants and their grievances.To accomplish the research,primary data was accumulated using a direct survey with 110 migrants from different nationality. Further the survey was based on 15 points questionnaire was prepared which was further compiled with the statistical tools and techniques like Likert’s Scale, Cronbach’s Alpha and One Way ANOVA. Keywords - Indian Migration, Gulf Employment, Health Care, Overseas Recruitment, Gulf Cooperation Council, United Arab Emirates, Labor Laws