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A Numerical Study of Two Phase Cooling Phemomena of Heated Steel Surfaces using Water Jet Impingment

This paper present a numerical study of the two phase behaviour of steel cooling process in run-out table. The paper provides numerical evidences of two phase phenomena occuring in the complex region below water jet impingment over a heated steel surface. A numerical simulation using ANSYS-Fluent was performed using volume of fluids (VOF) multiphase model. The model developed was for a single vertical water jet impinged over a hot steel plate with an initial surface temprature of 700oC. The temprature drop at the surface of the plate was numerically captured, and the complex boiling phase change phenomena was discussed accordignly. It was concluded that there is a two phase (water and vapor) boilling phenomena occures in the impingment zone for a short period of time, and then the behaviour changes to a single phase cooling once the temprature of the plate drops to a certian limit.