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Quality Improvement in Online Course Design: Putting Capstone Course and Eportfolio Into Practice

Today’s healthcare marketplace is changing quickly. Traditions are challenged, and fundamental operating suppositions are questioned. Especially after the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, it is indisputable that the healthcare industry has faced transformational changes and uncertainty in the past decade. Indeed, the changes in the healthcare industry demand adjustments to the healthcare administration curriculum. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program at a western university in the United States implemented a revised capstone course in 2020.This revised course has two high-impact practices (HIPs), ePortfolio and capstone project and course. The Association of American Colleges and Universities has endorsed and promoted HIPs that are robust interventions to advance student success. It is critically important that this revised course keep students engaged in the course materials and allow them to apply the learned skills and knowledge to real-world situations. This study was designed to investigate the impacts of two HIPs in the revised course via multiple data sources. Student and instructor surveyswere sent to students and instructor via email at the end of the course to gather students’ feedback and learning experience as well as instructors’ teaching experience in this revised capstone course.The challenges regarding the implementation of e-Portfolio were identified in the written feedback collected from the surveys and the instructors’ observations. The solutions to the issues will be realized to maximize the benefits of e-Portfolio in the capstone course as a high-impact practice. Keywords - High Impact Practices, Capstone Course, ePortfolio, Student Engagement, Yttria-Zirconia.