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Influence of Celebrities’ Endorsement on Bangladeshi Consumers’ Brand Purchase Behavior

These days, media has got serious attention as the consumer socialization agent. Through media, celebrities are nowadays playing a pivotal role in brand selection process in the same context. In many cases, consumers get confidence when their favorite celebrities or icons endorse any brands for consumption. This research will look into the influence of celebrities’ endorsement from the perspective of a developing market like Bangladesh. Scale items/ variables from literature review and focus group discussions are critical to develop constructs in this case. Stratified random sampling technique will be considered to frame the sample. Moreover, conceptual framework will be proposed through exploratory factor analysis to understand the reliability of variables to assess the celebrities’ endorsement on consumers’ brand selection process in Bangladesh. Accordingly, the findings of this research will be of interest to brand marketers and marketing communication practitioners in Bangladesh and other relevant market. Keywords - Celebrities’ Endorsement, Socialization Agent, Marketing Communication Planners, Brand Equity