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The Emergence, Development and Current Status of E-Commerce in Bangladesh

E-commerce is a new type of practice in business with the means of electronic communications. As e-commerce is run over online modes of orders and transactions, it requires a well set of ICT infrastructure in a country. Bangladesh is a developing country that is developing with the GDP 7.9 (WB, 2019). This South Asian country is comparatively small in an area with a high density of population having around 160 million of population.Due to the transformation of trade and commerce worldwide, e-commerce has been proven as an accepted form of businesses. In Bangladesh, e-commerce is in the development phase. There have multiple responses and national level moves to establish this new style of business. Several governmental and non-governmental enterprises have been in existence already that operate their trades as e-commerce. This study looked for discovering e-commerce from beginning to the current days such as emergence, gradual development, policy development of ICT and e-commerce. This study exploited both qualitative and quantitative methods for data collection. Several interviews, desktop studies, and voracious literature studies were conducted for the in-depth investigation of e-commerce. The study concluded that there are many different moves from the governmental side had been taken though no particular e-commerce policy has not been formed. This study found that the fraudulence in the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh is the worst barrier, and this digital fraudulence is interconnected to multiple variables. Keywords - E-commerce, E-commerce in Bangladesh, E-Commerce and ICT Policy, A2i, WTO, Bangladesh Bank