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The Puppet House Khun Sirirat Pansen

The study of Thai tradition puppetry (Hun Krabok) performed by the Puppet House of Mr. Sirirat Pansen is aimed to research the history, compositions and performance pattern of this puppet show. The researcher had conducted the following methods which were related document analysis and in-depth Interview with the master of Thai classical dancing art, including the owner of the troupe and related persons. All the acquired data was synthesized and represented in descriptive research and analyzed in qualitative research methodology. The study revealed that Thai tradition puppet show performed by the Puppet House of Mr. Sirirat Pansen as known as Khun Rat Puppet troupe had been held since 1999 or 16 years ago. This troupe was inherited their performance by Granny Arb Kaew-On from the famous Cherd Choo Chamnansilp troupe in Amphawa district, Samuth Songkham province Puppet house of Khun Rat produced over 250 puppet figures and performed more than 16 stories. The compositions of puppet performance by the Puppet house of Mr. Sirirat Pansen were puppet figures, story, play, scene, puppet theatre, music and puppeteers which these compositions usually were prepared before opening the stage. The puppeteers are the most important key to enhance the performance complete and accurate according to the heritage pattern of puppetry The owner of the house conducted the ritual ceremony to pay respect to the late master along side with the puppeteers. The band played Sanrasoen Phra Barami song (song to glorify H.M. the King prestige) and Wa song. Followed by fiddle playing Sang klala song, then the puppet show began to play. One puppeteer performed and narrated for one puppet figure. The story had been played by puppetry alternated by human dancing in fully dressed for their roles as Lakhon Phanthang pattern. The performance between puppet and actor were smooth, harmony and beautiful giving utmost satisfaction to the audiences. Keywordsó Thai Dance Poppet Hun Krabok.