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Design Optimization for Blade of VAWT Performance Using Solid Works

This paper is intended to explain and compare the various minor vertical axes of the Wind Turbine Architecture (VAWT) in terms of power and load. These characteristics can be emphasized by using the blade Darrieus VAWT model, which is widely used for rotor pre-sizing and regulator evaluation. After validating the model with experimental data, this paper focuses on the analysis of VAWT's performance as a function of some related rotor characteristics: number of blades (2 and 3), wing camber line (smooth symmetry). Gender and asymmetric profile), and blade pitch (blade vs spiral). As a function of both the azimuth positioning vane and the tip velocity ratio (TSR), the effect of such properties on both force and thrust (straight and lateral) is presented and explained in detail. Keywords - Darrieus VAWT, Blade, Helical, TSR, Gorlov Type, HAWT