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The New Concept of Al-Ma’un Based on Social Spirituality

The concept of al-Ma'un is one of the philanthropic concepts in the Islamic teaching system. In the Islamic Holy book, ignorance of the al-Ma'un concept is considered evidence of lies in religion. This lie is marked by indifference to the orphans and the poor’s fate. Muhammadiyah, as one of the modern Islamic community organizations, has made the concept of al-Ma'un a spirit of good deeds. The application of the al-Ma'un concept is developing dynamically within the Muhammadiyah organization. Given the growing challenges of the times, there are always revisions to the meaning and contextualization of the al-Ma'un concept itself. The application of the al-Ma'un concept is not only based on personal spirituality but must be transformed into a broader social spirituality dimension. This study used a qualitative approach employing library research methods. Keyword - The concept of al-Ma’un, Philosophy of al-Ma’un, Social Spirituality.