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Study on the Integration of Semantic Mapping and Systematic Vocabulary Recording in Improving Critical English Reading Ability

This study integrates the use of semantic mapping and systematic vocabulary recording in teaching critical English reading to pre-service English teachers at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand. It aims to investigate how the integration of the two methods works in order to improve critical English reading ability. Four lesson plans on English reading texts at the undergraduate level have been used to teach thirty-six third-year English-major pre-service teachers in eight teaching periods. The per-test and post-testare used before and after the teaching. The opinion questionnaire is used after the teaching. The result shows that the participants’ critical English reading score after learning through the integration of semantic mapping and systematic vocabulary recording is higher than that of before learning. The participants’ opinion also indicates the‘highest level’ positive attitude towards the integration ofsemantic mapping and systematic vocabulary recording. Keywords— Semantic Mapping, Systematic Vocabulary Recording, Critical Reading, English Learning, English Teaching.