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Energy Harvesting on Airport Pavements

This paper aims to review the energy harvesting technologies with possible implementation on airport pavements, using ambient energy or traffic-based energy as primary sources. The analysis will focus not only on the energy capacity but also on how the system is implemented, the TRL (Technological Readiness Level), and the system's standby to consider the aircraft's robustness and movements performed by the aircraft on the airport pavement. This work surveys the existing energy harvesting technologies. Due to these technological systems' meager existence for use on airport pavement, this state-of-the-art survey the state of development on the similar pavement, road pavement. The existing technologies' classification followed the generic model used by other researchers. However, two main areas are established in this work: energy harvesting technological systems that are ambient factors dependent or vehicle traffic factors dependent. The two areas defined in this work are intended to provide a homogeneity of the values described by researchers and companies and provide a direct comparison energy-based between technologies. The analysis performed made it possible to verify products with high maturity and their existence in the road pavement energy harvesting selling solutions. The analysis added a point based on the differences between road vehicles and aircraft which permits to conclude that emerging technologies for road pavements, such as electromagnetic energy, cannot be applied to airport pavements. This analysis concludes that the technologies that can be implemented on airport pavements are photovoltaic and hydraulic/pneumatic energy harvesting technologies. The photovoltaic and hydraulic/pneumatic energy harvesting technologies, which in this survey meet the conditions to be taken into consideration for research, come about within the two main areas of energy harvesting classification. The photovoltaic technology, to be incorporated into the airport pavement, will allow sustainable energy generation dependent on the airport location. The hydraulic/pneumatic technology, to be incorporated, will generate electrical energy based on aircraft movement. Keywords - Airport Pavements, Energy Harvesting, Renewable Energy.