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Military Descendants”: Socialization of the King’s Own Bodyguard Community

This research studies the circumstances of adaptation and conduct of families in the King’s Own Bodyguard community through descriptions of behavior, reflections on thought and perspective towards Socialization. Moreover, this research utilizes interviews--both formal and informal--in order to provide in-depth information that reflects Socialization, circumstances of adaptation, and conduct, including activities that highlight “Military Descendants” of the King’s Own Bodyguard community in Dusit District, Bangkok Metropolitan Area. The population utilized in the research comprise parents in the King’s Own Bodyguard community (parents or guardians), both male and female, totaling30 people who participated voluntarily. Tools utilized in the research are questionnaires on Socialization or code of conduct information of “Military Descendants.” Subsequently, all data were processed to find the Mean (),which will be used to analyze and interpret the data sample, and the Standard Deviation (S.D.),which will be used to show the distribution patterns of the data sample. Results of the research found that Socialization data of “Military Descendants” regarding Socialization of the family is the largest, where = 4.23 and S.D = 0.81; this is followed by Socialization of the community, where = 3.47 and S.D = 0.82, which overallis at a medium level, with = 3.16 and S.D = 0.33. Keywords— Socialization, Community.