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Hardware and Software System Failure Analysis Based on FMEA Approach

Most modern engineering system are becoming more of computer-controlled than mechanical, this is due to the incorporation of hardware and software functions. Usually, both the hardware and software systems are designed separately and integrated at design stage. Analysing the hardware system for failure to improve the design is a well-established approach in traditional Engineering and have widely been conducted by researchers. The introduction of software system creates challenges in Analysing the composite system for failure. This paper employed the use of FMEA to performed failure analysis separately on the hardware and software components of the system case study (gear drive EMA system). The software model of the system is designed with the use of UML class diagram. However, the class diagram described the functional propagation and its failure modes attribute. The software FMEA is performed at the designed UML class diagram of the gear drive EMA system Keywords - Hardware Model, Software Model, Class Diagram, FMEA.