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Chao Phraya Mahindrasakdi Dhamrong (Peng Benyakul) and Thai Theatrical Development

This study aimed to present the role of Chao Phraya MahindrasakdiDhamrong (Peng Benyakul; 1821-1894) as the close confidant of King Rama IV and important chancellor of King Rama V associated with Thai theatrical development during the period of King Rama IV and Rama V. He made a valuable contribution towards creating a new form of dance drama with many developed theatrical elements which included choreographing, costume designing, utilizing song that represented ethnicity of each character featuring in the play, and establishing a large theatre to stage performances for commercial purpose. As a result, his dance drama become very famous during that period and his theatrical development have been continually inherited from generation to generation until present time. Keywords´┐Ż Chao Phraya MahindrasakdiDhamrong (Peng Benyakul), Thai Theatrical Development.