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Assessment of Energy Literacy of Higher Education Students in Kuwait

Sustainability has appeared as a solution to the environmental problems few decades ago and several achievements were made during the last decade. Energy literacy is an important component of the sustainability but the studies about how university students acquire their views about energy are limited. This study aims to measure the level of energy literacy of higher education students in Kuwait. First, a questionnaire that included questions related to components, subcomponents, and indicators of energy literacy has been applied to 338 students. Then, interviews with students were conducted in the form of a script, and detailed content analysis was done using NVivo 12 for identifying the key factors that can impact the energy literacy of students. The findings suggest that the majority of students could not respond to the questions in the energy literacy questionnaire because they lacked the component of energy education. Additionally, several students considered some questions to be too difficult to answer. Furthermore, it has been stated that studying energy was not something they wanted however if there was an incentive, they would be willing to interact and obtain the essential information. Keywords - Energy Literacy, Higher Education Students, Factor Analysis.