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Actual and Perceived Risks of Visitors and Tourists in a Tour Trip to Heritage Sites (Historic Jeddah) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Even though the pre-pandemic increase in the number of tourists worldwide in general and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in particular has beenconsidered to bea positive phenomenon for different aspect of people’s life, it also increases the probability that different types of risk will be confronted. This, in part, is due to the different perceptions of risk among tourists and host populations. Therefore, this research aims to examine the issue in the context of the heritage sites of Historic Jeddah (HJ) in the(KSA) and focuses, specifically, on investigation of the actual and perceived risk of visitors and tourists (V/T) and the factors that influence these kinds of risks. The research questions are answered, based on a qualitative approach to explore the phenomena. Therefore, in this study, the data were collected from (V/T) in a tour trip usingdifferent methods, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires that were appropriate for the analysis of the aims, research objectives and research questions, in a way that ensured that participants were provided with ample opportunities to freely voice their perceptions of risk. The findings highlight the different kinds of risk and the factors that may influence risk and perception of risk. Keywords - Heritage sites ‘Historic Jeddah’, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Risk and perception of risk, Tourists and visitors.