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The Resulting Effect of the Change in Social and Cultural Dimension on Thai Classical Dance Drama Occupation at the Shrine: A Case Study at the City Pillar Shrine and the Brahma Shrine, Rajprasong, Bangkok Metropolitan

Thai dance drama is one of the Thai Dramatic Arts and is performed as a votive dance at the Shrine. This research has two objectives in which they are: 1) to study Thai classical dance drama occupation in Bangkok, and 2) to discover factors affecting life subsistence of Thai dance drama group at the City Pillar and the Brahma Shrines. The study employs qualitative research method. The research found that the City Pillar Shrine is considered an ancient remains that was built at the same time of constructing the city of Bangkok two hundred thirty-three years ago. There are few customers to hire dance drama groups at the Bangkok City Pillar Shrine to perform their services due to the fact that the shrine is located within the historic site, managed by the government officials, and faces with inconvenient transportation. These incidents have a direct effect on a meager income of the dance groups in which their members are senior people. The group leader must find additional performance elsewhere to support the group. The Brahma Shrine is believed to grant happiness to all those who pay respect to. This belief draws many Thai as well as foreign believers to pledge their offerings that include dance drama performance. These performers dressed in Thai dramatic arts uniforms that are new and looked splendid. The dance drama performance adds more colors to the location and provides an opportunity for students majoring in Thai Dramatic Arts. Keywordsó The change in social and cultural dimension, dance drama occupation, shrine.